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Born and raised in Dhaka, Bangladesh and a current resident of Concord, MA, Sabrina Sadique teaches English at Concord Academy. Winner of the Francis Bergen Memorial Prize for Fiction awarded by the Yale Literary Magazine and the Elmore A. Willets Prize for Fiction awarded by the Department of English at Yale, Sabrina Sadique received her BA in English from Yale College in 2004, and MA in English from Harvard in 2006. Sadique’s doctoral research at Harvard compared perceptions and literary formulations of gender and Islam between the postcolonial and post-9/11 narrative modes with an emphasis on the ethics, politics, and economics of globalization and Muslim diaspora. Vocal installations of her texts have been featured at Arts, Letters, and Numbers, where she served as a Literary Fellow. Recordings of her poems are available in albums produced by musicians Sophia Vastek and Sam Torres. A Board member of Organ Colossal, a nonprofit dedicated to building community for musicians and listeners in the New York Capital Region, Sadique is currently working on her collection of Sufi poetry and meditations titled After Grace.


Sabrina Sadique

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