Dinosaur Annex Music Ensemble

2014-2015 Season

Concert 1

Shaken, Stirred, and Straight Up

Friday October 24th, 2014
Davis Square Theater at Saloon, 255 Elm Street, Somerville, MA
6:00 - 7:00 PM Cocktail Hour (cash bar)
7:00 PM Concert
$15.00 General Admission
$10.00 Students/Seniors

Come have a drink, relax, celebrate Dinosaur Annex’s 40th Season, and treat your ears to a special salon concert featuring works by several of today's hottest composers, including John Mackey, Jeffrey Roberts, Kati Agoçs and Kevin Patton! The evening will feature a special tribute performance of Lee Hyla’s 1981 String Trio, the very first work of Lee’s commissioned by Dinosaur Annex. The evening is dedicated to the memories of Hyla and violinist Janet Packer, who was a founding member of the ensemble.


  • String Trio, by Lee Hyla
  • Twelve Landscape Views, III, by Jeffrey Roberts
  • The Streams May Have No Springs To Feed Them, by Kevin Patton
  • Versprechen, by Kati Agocs
  • Wrong Mountain Stomp, by John Mackey


Harvard Composers' Association Concert

Saturday April 4, 2015
Paine Hall, Harvard University
7:00 PM Concert
Free and open to the public

Dinosaur Annex performs compositions by Harvard undergraduate composers, presented by the Harvard Composers' Association.


  • Vermilion, by Amir Bitran
  • The Swallow's Tail, by Auburn Lee
  • The Truth Depends on a Walk, Stella Fiorenzoli
  • The Secret Society of Loss, by Ben Weatherfield
  • (untitled), by Brandon Snyder

Concert 2

Preserving the Planet: “Hi-Fi-Sci Art”

Sunday April 26th, 2015
MIT Museum, 265 Massachusetts Avenue, Cambridge, MA
7:30 PM Concert
Free admission

This season’s 12th Annual Young Composers Concert has an exciting new twist: it will be part of the Cambridge Science Festival! Dinosaur Annex is again spearheading the integration of science and music, this time adding visual art to the mix. Five emerging composers have been commissioned to create new works inspired by artists whose work focuses on environmental dangers, including bee colony collapse and ocean storm trends. The artists, composers and related environmental scientists will speak briefly about their collaboration before each piece is performed, with stunning, provocative artworks on display. Young musicians will also join Dinosaur Annex professionals in side-by-side performance of a work specially commissioned for the festival. Artists include Sarah Kariko (also a scientist!), Nathalie Miebach, and Julia Zell; and composers include Cody Forrest, Christian Gentry, Eun Young Lee, Seunghee Lee, and Mischa Salkind-Pearl.

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