“… proudly staking out a commitment to new music
and then attracting an audience that's genuinely interested. That's what Dinosaur Annex has done
for more than three decades …”

-The Boston Globe
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Three Scenes (2006) by Chris Gendall
World premiere: Young Composers Festival Grand Concert, 01/27/08
  • Sue-Ellen Hershman-Tcherepnin, flute
  • Katherine V. Matasy, clarinet
  • Robert Schulz, percussion
  • Cyrus Stevens, violin
  • Michael Curry, cello
  • Yvonne Lee, piano
  • James Russell Smith, conductor
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Door  (2006) by Kate Soper
Door 1.
Boston premiere: Young Composers Festival Grand Concert, 01/27/08
  • Kate Soper, soprano
  • Sue-Ellen Hershman-Tcherepnin, flute
  • Diane Heffner, tenor sax
  • Katherine V. Matasy, accordion
  • John Baboian, electric guitar
  • James Russell Smith, conductor
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Bridges (1991)by Peter Homans
From: Thirty Years of Adventure 1975-2005
Recording: 12/22/1997
  • Cyrus Stevens, violin
  • Anne Black, viola
  • Michael Curry, cello
  • Donald Berman, piano
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Qi (1991) by Chen Yi
From: Thirty Years of Adventure 1975-2005
Concert performance: 10/24/99
  • Sue-Ellen Hershman-Tcherepnin, flute
  • David Russell, cello
  • Donald Berman, piano
  • James Russell Smith, percussion
  • Scott Wheeler, conductor
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When Crows Gather (1986) by Lewis Spratlan
From: Thirty Years of Adventure 1975-2005
Concert performance: 10/26/86
  • Ian Greitzer, clarinets
  • Diane Heffner, clarinets/li>
  • Katherine V. Matasy, clarinets
  • Joe Scheer, violin
  • Michael Curry, cellos
  • Kathleen Supove, piano
  • Scott Wheeler, conductor
Dinosaur Annex may be heard on the following recordings:
Peter Homans
Plié de trois,
recorded 2006
Quintino, recorded 5/2007

MMC 2168
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“The ensemble Dinosaur Annex, of which the players of these works are members, commissioned Plié de trois and Quintino. As an advocate for contemporary music, it is on par with such august ensembles as the Chicago- based Eighth Blackbird. And here it has produced fine advocacy well recorded.”
Fanfare July/August 2008

Quintino, recorded 5/2007 also available on
Navona NVON5811
Click here to purchase

“It is a dark-hued ..., interesting piece, sometimes playful, more often than not enjoying the linear freedom that the composer learned from Martino himself. The performance, by the wonderfully named Dinosaur Annex Music Ensemble, is expert.”
Fanfare, November/December 2009
Martin Boykan
Piano Trio no. 2,
recorded 2/1999

CRI CD 841
Click here to purchase

“excellent performances and recorded sound.”
Fanfare May/June 2000

“The performers play this music with polish and an unshakable conviction of its importance; sonics are clear and natural.”
American Record Guide May/June 2000
Martin Boykan
Sonata for violin and piano,
recorded 12/2001
A packet for Susan, Pamela Dellal, mezzo-soprano, recorded 3/2002
Flume : fantasy for clarinet and piano, recorded 12/2001

CRI CD 897
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“ … uncompromising, lapidary, fierce, yet floridly lyrical music … fantasy and deep feeling … superbly performed and recorded program … “
American Record Guide March/April 2003
Lee Hyla
String Trio,
recorded 3/1983

CRI SD513  (LP only)
Ian Krouse
recorded 3/1997

Koch International 3-7482-2
Click here to purchase

“…a program of beautiful music …The sound … could not be better. What a wonderful surprise this is!”
American Record Guide July/August 2000
Arthur Levering     
Still Raining, Still Dreaming, recorded 9/2005
Catena, live recording 9/2000
Donald Berman, piano soloist

New World 80662-2
Click here to purchase

“ … this New World release presents the most vivid sonic realization of the Boston-based Dinosaur Annex Music Ensemble that has thus far come across my desk …  In case that you haven't noticed, this one is recommended without reservation.”
Fanfare July/Aug 2008
Arthur Levering     
Twenty Ways upon the Bells, live recording 10/1994
Clarion/Shadowing, recorded 5/1998
Cloches II, recorded 6/1998

With: School of Velocity, Uncle Inferno
Donald Berman, piano

Click here to purchase

“All of these performances are excellent. Donald Berman … handles the demanding etudes of School of Velocity brilliantly … Scott Wheeler (himself an accomplished composer … ) maintains a tight, precise grip on every note of the works he conducts, and his Dinosaur Annex Ensemble shows why it is one of the most prominent and enduring new-music groups around. … performances that are carefully considered and fluently rendered.  This is the best debut album by an American composer I've heard this year. ”
Fanfare July /August 1999
Scott Lindroth
recorded 1/1998

D'Anna Fortunato, mezzo-soprano

Click here to purchase

“ … these works are the product of remarkable imagination and excellent craft.”
American Record Guide September/October 1999

“Performances are all first rate.”
Fanfare November/December 1999
David Liptak
Ancient Songs,
recorded 10/2004

William Sharp, baritone

Bridge 9167
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“ … the set is well sung by the always dependable William Sharp.”
American Record Guide November/December 2005
Malcolm Peyton
Songs from T. Sturge Moore, Barbara Winchester, soprano
Sonnets from John Donne, David Ripley, bass-baritone
Four Songs from Shakespeare, D’Anna Fortunato, mezzo-soprano

Recorded 1991          
Centaur CRC 2182
Click here to purchase

“David Ripley … and D’Anna Fortunato … both have beautiful tone and good dramatic sense.”
American Record Guide July/August 1993

“The music is elegant, full of fanciful detail … genuinely memorable motivic gestures throughout. Centaur’s sound is excellent, and both the soloists and instrumentalists perform marvelously. Dinosaur Annex is one of Boston’s most enduring new music ensembles and the quality of its performance is a tribute to the musicianship of Scott Wheeler …”
Fanfare May/June 1995
Ezra Sims
All done from memory
Two for one
And, as I was saying

Recorded 1982
Northeastern NR 224 (LP only)

“… the players … bring a warmth and conviction that makes these performances very emotionally satisfying … recorded with flattering resonance …”
Fanfare January/February 1986
Ezra Sims
Come Away,
recorded 4/1986

Click here to purchase

“… a worthwhile collection of skillful combinations of words and music.”
Fanfare July/August 1991
Ezra Sims
Quintet for Clarinet and Strings, recorded 9/1991
Night Piece, live recording 5/1991

With: Concert Piece, Anne Black, Sue-Ellen Hershman, Ian Greitzer, soloists, et al., with the Pro Arte Chamber Orchestra of Boston

Click here to purchase

“Ezra Sims is one of the masters of present-day microtonal music, and this disc contains some of his very best music … Every work on this disk is riveting and hypnotic … Collectors of advanced music should have this important disc.”
American Record Guide January/February 1994

“…lyrical and quite beautiful lines ... a masterpiece of chiaroscuro …”
Fanfare January/February 1994
Robert Sirota
Seven Picassos,
recorded 11/1988

Capstone CPS 8616
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“ …an ever-shifting array of colors and melodic shapes … the first-rate Boston ensemble called Dinosaur Annex … “
American Music Spring 1998
Dinosaur Annex : Thirty years of adventure, 1975-2005

Chen Yi, Qi, live recording 10/1999
Peter Homans, Bridges, studio recording 12/1997
Libby Larsen, Corker, live recording 11/1998
Arthur Levering, Catena, live recording 9/2000
Magnus Lindberg, Corrente no. 2, live recording 9/2002
Lewis Spratlan, When crows gather, live recording 10/1986
Virgil Thomson, Phrases from the Song of Solomon, live recording 11/2002
Judith Weir, Distance and Enchantment, live recording 4/2004
Scott Wheeler, Night Owl Variations, live recording 11/2002
Yehudi Wyner, Tanz and Maissele, live recording 10/1999

2-CD set